Goldilocks is a self-produced Latin-Urban artist with the swagger to make you fall in love with who you are.  Born in the Big Apple, Goldilocks has become well-accustomed to the worldly cultures that breathe life into the streets of NY.  Her Spanish heritage gave her a unique context in which to digest language since she rarely spoke English with family or friends growing up.


Goldilocks blends the intense Latin flavor of NYC with an intuitive understanding of American and Spanish culture to craft music that provokes compassion and appreciation for the many experiences life has to offer.   The result is a sound that turns Reggaeton and Latin Trap/HipHop into muses for the soul.


Goldilocks’ aim is to make music that makes people dance and feel sexy, but also paints a vivid picture.  Her passion for music permeates her unique sound and daily life.  Even when there are no instruments, expect Goldilocks to be drumming with a pen, humming a tune or kicking a freestyle.


Goldilocks is a multi-instrumentalist, who has been making music since childhood.  She can play drums, keys, violin, saxophone, and various folkloric instruments, as well as midi production, composition and scoring.  Her Spanish heritage shines through in her ability to intertwine Hispanic culture with New York hustle & flow.


Listening to Goldilocks is reminiscent of being tossed into a melting pot with no choice but to get lost in her wavy flow and punctual delivery.  Don't be surprised to see Goldilocks featured with your favorite artist or composing your favorite soundtrack.

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Rebecca Sansom rebecca@blondeam.com


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