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Goldilocks, aka yesiamgoldilocks, is a Reggaeton and Hip-Hop artist from NYC, by way of Asturias, Spain. Her hit record 'Saab Story' debuted on Spotify's 'New Music Friday Latin' Playlist and her first fully Spanish record, 'La Que No,' was featured on NPR’s 'Alt.Latino' Playlist.


She was invited to do one-liners for iHeart Radio, telling her "coming out" story for 'National Coming Out Day 2020,' had the honor to perform in the Amazon Music 'Together At Home’ Concert series to premiere her single 'Bañador,' and has been featured in media outlets such as CNN's “Zona Pop,” Univision / Uforia Austin, Dash Radio, and many others.


Goldilocks is a multi-instrumentalist producer that uses her life-long background in music to write and compose fun, sexy, fully bilingual music that makes people feel confident and understood, drawing inspiration from her own experiences, as well as from artists she admires like J Balvin, Kanye West, Pharrell and Bad Bunny, to name a few.


Her debut album ‘Future Famous,’ which was recorded in the midst of the pandemic, features lyrics in English as well as Spanish and is available for streaming and purchase now. Her freshman album boasts 12 self-produced songs, along with one track produced by L O U I S M E.


Expect to see more from Goldilocks.

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